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A day program for adults with developmental dis-ABLITIES!


Our participants enjoy a pleasant base site where we have lots of room to spread out and participate in a wide variety of activities.  While on campus, we enjoy individual and small group study time, arts and crafts, music, games, reading, Bible Study, yoga, singing, discussion groups, educational sessions, etc.  We tackle important "social-emotional" lessons, such as how to be a good friend, how to help each other and work as a team, how to handle life's challenges with grace, and how to respect and celebrate each other's differences.  We also work on improving our activities of daily living (ADLs) and life skills, such as learning and practicing good hygiene, and planning and cooking a meal.

Additionally, we all venture out into the community every day so we can spread our unique brand of sunshine throughout Arvada. We have developed some pretty cool, long-lasting community partnerships.  These partnerships enable us to engage in our community in interesting ways.  While in the community, we take part in recreational, educational, and volunteer activities.  We make sure that our participants get some fresh air and exercise every day.  We take nature hikes, enjoy outdoor sports, go swimming and bowling, take cycling and Tai Chi classes at the YMCA, etc.  We also volunteer at Majestic View Nature Center and the Arvada Community Gardens so we can give back to our community and learn new skills. We keep our minds active and healthy by visiting interesting places and learning lots of new things.  We go to museums, do research at the library, take tours at local factories and companies, and much, much more.  In fact, we try to make everything we do an educational activity.

We are always looking for new and exciting experiences.  If you have any fun ideas, just let us know!