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A day program for adults with developmental dis-ABLITIES!

DJ Coleman-- Inspired by a cherished family member who has autism, DJ is currently studying to be an ABA therapist.  We think it's pretty cool that DJ is planning his entire career around improving the lives of people with learning differences and behavior challenges.  DJ comes from a family of strong advocates, and he provides tender, dignified care to our participants.  His unique experience and personal knowledge of autism is a blessing to all of us as we strive to provide Gold Standard services to the people we serve. 

Leah Martin-- Leah is ABC's COO, and she is happiest when she can come to ABC and visit with all of her friends.  Leah is a senior manager at the leading provider of commercial satellite imagery products, DigitalGlobe, Inc.  She received her MS in Geography.  Leah developed a great love for her friends with developmental dis-ABILITIES after her neighbor's baby was born with Down syndrome several years ago.  Leah has been an amazing advocate ever since, devoting all of her free time to ABC and several disability-related nonprofits.  

Lois McKaig -- Lois has worked with individuals with developmental disabilities and special healthcare needs for over 35 years!  Much to our delight, she joined our team after retiring from Jeffco Public Schools.  Her specialty is working with individuals who have extensive physical needs.  Lois' desire is to enrich lives by providing activities which bring meaning, dignity and respect -- in a safe, healthy and LOVING environment.  Lois blesses all of us with her spectacular work ethic and sweet, soft-spoken personality.  With Lois, it's always "service with a smile".

Yvette O'Hara-- Yvette received her Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work, and she has enjoyed an illustrious career in the field of developmental dis-ABILITIES.  Yvette most recently was employed as a Resource Coordinator at DDRC, a job which would often bring her to visit us at ABC.  She immediately "fell in love" with ABC's culture and with all the people she met, including participants and staff.  She decided to join our staff and we are so incredibly grateful that she did!  She brings a wealth of knowledge and best practices with her, and she's as sweet as pie.

Taylor Van Allen -- Taylor was born to work in this field; he grew up with friends with dis-ABILITIES and always understood their great worth.  He is truly gifted and he has a heart of gold.  Taylor is extremely intuitive about discovering what motivates our participants and he has high expectations for them.   He teaches everyone about the benefits of healthy living and he makes exercising fun.  He is animated, hilarious, responsible, compassionate, super-cool, and invested.  He also rocks at leading our morning Bible studies.  Taylor's EMT training is also a big plus!   

Robin Zaborek-- Robin has over 22 years' experience working in the developmental dis-ABILITIES field.  She received her BA in foreign languages and also earned her Secondary Education teaching licensure.  Additionally, she is a Child Development Associate and a Certified Nurse's Aide.  Robin is an author, she has won several community awards, and she serves on the Board of Directors of a national nonprofit called the Down Syndrome-Autism Connection (which she co-founded).  She is a mother of four, including an adult son with Down syndrome, and a daughter with Down syndrome and autism, who passed away in 2012.  Robin believes that a meaningful day translates into a meaningful life...which is something we all deserve.