A Brighter Community is a Program Approved Service Agency (PASA) in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, where adults with developmental and intellectual dis-ABILITIES receive Gold Standard services from a highly educated, devoted, and caring staff.  We are regulated by the State of Colorado Department of Healthcare, Policy & Finance (HCPF) and the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE).  We also work closely with Community Centered Boards and other social services agencies.  ABC is a privately-owned company that has earned a reputation as a specialized program.  We receive many applications for services, however, since we have limited space, enrollment at ABC can be competitive in nature.  

ABC is a very active, flexible, on-the-go program that focuses on skill development, goal attainment, healthy living, choice making, advocacy, and friendship.  ABC is not the right program for everyone, however.  Our program is not set up to serve individuals who require interventions for behavior and/or mental health challenges, nor for individuals who have a rigid need for routine and schedules.  There are great programs in our community for people who need supports in these areas. We would ask that you only submit an enrollment application if you believe that our model and culture will be a good fit.

Our “Whole Person” service delivery model is rooted in the concept of person-centered care.  While our Day Program may be our hallmark program, ABC offers a variety of other Medicaid-funded services, as well.  We offer these other services exclusively to our day program participants.  We have experienced that when multiple providers serve the same person, care can become siloed and communication can become muddled.  Our whole person philosophy enables us to focus on the wishes and desires of the individual from a holistic perspective.  As such, ABC prefers that our participants select ABC as their sole provider, however there may be times when we may make an exception.  Our "Whole Person" philosophy promotes clear communication, consistency, continuity of care, and a high level of trust.  It also helps us to extend our culture of love, dignity, and respect to our families and community partners.

Robin Sattel, MS:  In addition to being an owner/founder, Robin serves as our Programs Executive.  She received her BA in French and her Secondary Education Teacher Certification, plus Russian Studies, from Beloit College, and she received her MS in Mental Health and Wellness with an emphasis in Grief and Bereavement from Grand Canyon University.  Robin is a longtime disability advocate, and she has won several community awards for her work with disability-related nonprofits.  Robin also co-founded a national nonprofit, The Down Syndrome-Autism Connection, and is co-author of the book, When Down Syndrome and Autism Intersect – A Guide to DS-ASD for Parents and Professionals (first and second editions).  Most importantly, Robin is a mother of four, including an adult son with Down syndrome (Tom) and a daughter with Down syndrome and autism (Janet Kay), who passed away at the age of 15 in 2012.  Robin founded ABC to create a program that keeps her son and all of his friends safe, healthy, and engaged, and also as a way to honor the life of her precious daughter, who came to her via adoption and made her life complete.

​Leah Martin, PhD:  In addition to being an owner/founder, Leah serves as our Operations Executive.  She received her BS in Cartography and her MS in Geography from Brigham Young University, after which she began her career in the satellite imagery/remote sensing industry.  After meeting some individuals with Down syndrome, Leah became involved in fundraising within that community.  She started two nonprofits that benefit the IDD community in her area and subsequently served on the Board of Directors of The Down Syndrome-Autism Connection.  After starting ABC with Robin, Leah eventually left her scientific career to devote her life to individuals with IDD, moving to ABC full-time.  She received her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2021 from Grand Canyon University, where her doctoral dissertation explored the topic of Direct Support Professional role modeling for job seekers with Down syndrome. She serves her community as an elected official in Arvada, and volunteers in various other capacities, including working with children in her church.  Leah is also an author, having published the novel, Joshua’s Tree, which is a fictional memoire.  She loves ABC and all of our friends; she has found fulfillment and joy in providing a meaningful life to the exceptional people in our care.​

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Visits and tours are by appointment only.  You are welcome to request an Application for Services via this website.