We believe

‚Äč...in protecting our human and civil rights.
...in discovering our interests and strengths, and building upon them.
...in promoting dignity and respect for everyone.
...in advancing our independence and maximizing our potential.
...in enhancing opportunities for inclusion by venturing into the community every day.
...in promoting a culture of belonging for participants and staff.
...in facilitating real friendships.
...in providing activities that enrich our lives and promote life-long learning.
...in our right to enjoy safe, happy, productive and meaningful lives.

We believe that providing many meaningful days will translate into a meaningful life for the exceptional people we love and serve.

Our Vision, Mission & Belief Statements

To provide a meaningful life to exceptional people.  We want them to feel happy, valued and loved while participating in our programs.

To ensure that each person enjoys a meaningful day by providing a variety of person-centered services that promote personal growth.