ABC's Impact

I love it so much.  ABC is an oasis.  ~ Self Advocate

It is important to me that I keep coming to ABC because it is the best.  ~ Self Advocate

​ABC is an explosion of happiness.  ~ Self Advocate

I love ABC because I get to hang out with all my friends.  ~ Self Advocate

I love working at ABC because all of my favorite people are here. ~ Staff Member

I love working at ABC because it is a fun atmosphere, we all make a difference in each other's lives, and love abounds.  ~ Staff Member

A Brighter Community provides everything we wanted for our daughter: a meaningful day, opportunities to learn new skills, cultivating new friendships, all while being safe and loved by all her friends.  We traveled 2000 miles for this opportunity and we are so glad we did!  ~ Parent

I have looked over your website and have to congratulate you on the vision, mission, insight, and inspiration, and all the work that has been invested in the program.  As we all know, such culture does not evolve but has to be driven and maintained with enrichment and enablement that also does not just 'happen.'  My wife and I looked at many programs which were good but this seems to be perfect for our son.  The stimulation and interaction will develop deep and abiding bonds that will last forever.  ~ Parent

Thank you for creating this program.  My son has a "best friend" for the first time in his whole life.  I can't tell you how happy this makes us!  He's talking more and more, too.  We credit your team with helping him to communicate more.  ~ Parent

There are always so many positive changes being made (new building, beautiful decor, reliable transportation, security system, expansion of space, serenity garden)... you think of every great improvement before we do!  FANTASTIC JOB!!   ~ Parent

We love ABC!!  Thank you for helping my son to grow and thrive.  Your team's creativity is off the charts!!  They are absolutely amazing.  My son's skills in every single area have increased!  And because of your excellent prevocational and supported employment programs, my son is now working at his very first job.  He is so happy and proud, and so am I!  ~ Parent